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Find someone you are confortable with (i.e. close friends or family members) to practise with. Treat them as your lab-mice, ask for feedback and comments!
:: Starting with Basics ::

The initial stage of performing card tricks is to know the basics well first, before jumping straight into the more advanced moves. Every successful Magician has to go through this phase in their professional career. It takes alot of patience and determination to go through this stage. Many amateurs gave up at this stage, unwilling to take the time and effort need to practise.

However, as the saying goes, "practise makes prefect", many others survived through and made it into the line of Magic. Below are the 3 basic essential items, following to what will be taught in this website. Make sure to fully understand before moving on.

The most important part about performing in front of an audience is to be smooth and casual. So to begin with, concentrate on being smooth, do them slowly at first. As time passes the body will be able to pick it up and hence increase the speed. So don't worry about mastering the 'quick hand', concentrate on being comfortable first.

Mechcnic's Grip
Mechanicīs Grip
The most basic grip during handling of cards, and providing a firm and secure grip.

The deck of cards is placed on the left hand, with thumb on the left hand edge of the deck, forefinger goes across the top edge of the deck and the remaining 3 fingers place at the right hand edge of the deck. The lower left corner of the deck is 'poked' into the palm.
Shuffle Grip
Overhand Shuffle Grip
The grip used when doing a overhand shuffle.

The left hand holds the deck,with the fore, middle and ring finger on one edge of the deck, while thumb on other side.
Holding a Break
Creating a gap between the top and bottom packet of the deck. Obvious to the Magican, but invisible to the audience when view from front or top.

From the Mechanicīs Grip, a break can be formed by using the 'flesh' part of the pinky, pushing in between the 2 packets, hence creating a little gap.
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