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Last edited on: Thursday, 28 October, 2004
Card Control
Credits & Links
Project Report
Start off by getting a good deck of playing cards. Air-cushion finish with smooth surface will do best. Bicycle® Deck, by The U.S Playing Card Co. is highly recommended!
:: Welcome to the Magic Realm ::
Blackdeck NEW!! Bicycle® Black Deck
The second batch of Black Tiger Deck is out on ellusionist®!
History Magical History
The History of Magic and some of the past famous Magicians and how they created mind-blowing illusions!
Basics For Beginners
Learn the essential basic movements and terms.
Fans Flourishes
The way of presenting the cards to the audience.
Forces Forcing a card
Force the audience to pick a card of your wish!
Card Control Card Control
Controlling a card in front of the audience without being caught!
Credits & Links Credits & Links
A tribute to my fellow Magicians as well as some useful and interesting sites!
Project Report Project Report
Report for this website, including Navigation chart.
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