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Last edited on: Thursday, 28 October, 2004
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Project report
Always perfect your tricks before performing it. If yo are not confident of pulling it off, just don't perform it.
:: Project Objectives ::

Target Audience
Generally anyone who is interested in magic, playful, and wants to impress others. However, the site is targeted at the male gender, of age between 15 to 30, as males tends to have that sense of playfulness and are more likely to show interest in this site.

To introduce the art of performing Magic, providing infomation to beginners and to generate interest towards magic.

Desired Effects on Viewers
I have chosen dark colours to have the 'dark' and 'mysterious' feel, and orange to have a 'fun' feel. I want my viewers to have the effect that the idea of performing is to impress, and that requires the element of surprise to the audience. I hope my viewers will have a better understanding on magic, that its only an illusion.

Message to Convey
I want to spead the art of magic through this site, to teach others how to impress. Through learning magic, it trains the patience and proves that nothing is impossible. It takes awhile to learn, to be fluent, but its all for the 'shocked and astonished'expression when a trick succeeds.

:: Clever Features ::

Introductory Flash Clip
A flash clip is played before viewers visit the site. It consist of a song by 'Evanescence' and words flashing across the screen describing the site, and finally the site name. It is used as a form of introduction to the site and creating a good impression of the site. At the same time, it is used to generate the sense of curiosity within someone who is interested about Magic and how it works.

Easy-to-use Navigation Bar
An prominent Navigation bar is included in every page, so that viewers can easily link to each page. It uses simple words so that it can be easily understood. For pages with sub-pages, the sub-pages will be incoporated into the navigation bar as well, after linking to that page. The images changes when the mouse's arrow is brought over the bar, thus viewers knows which page they are about to click on.

Video Movie Clips
There are total of 3 movie clips in this website, due to the limited space that had to be complied with. Whichever page that has the movie clip, should have the 'Play Movie' button on the top right hand corner of the page. Upon clicking, viewers will be prompt to either open the movie, or save it in his/ her computer. The movie gives an example how the sleight of hand should be performed.

Tables as Layout
Tables are being used in this website as the layout for the contents. The main layout consist of a space for the title, navigation bar, main context and the bottom image. Another table is used for the main context itself, so that it can be neater and easier if any changes.

Cascading Style Sheets
Some basic CSS have been used to standardise the fonts, font colour, links colour, etc. It is useful as it reduces the time to enter the desired font and colour.

:: Borrowed Features ::
All the images, flash and movie clip had been created originally from the creator. However, there are some which are taken from the web. Click here.
:: Navigation Chart ::
Navigation Chart
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